2013 100% NZ Pork Competition

It was my pleasure to be again attending the announcement of NZ best bacon in association with 100% NZ Pork. The competition was this year held at The Foodstore on Auckland’s Viaduct with Christchurch chef Johnny Schwass cooking some great dishes using this year’s category winners.

He was very quick to say this year’s entrants obviously “cared about their products and a love of pork was a given to be successful.”

We dined on some beautiful dishes before the announcements were made including a triple smoked bacon pea soup, streaky bacon slider, mini eggs bene, a beautiful black pudding terrine and the classic Caesar.

Chef Schwass was quick to say “a Caesar without bacon is just leaves and eggs” and went on to joke about the recent over the top craze of sliders in Auckland. “Sliders are the signature dish of Auckland- in Christchurch we just eat real burgers”

The awards themselves where pretty intense and I was trying my best to frantically Tweet the award but the pace was very quick and I just managed to keep up.


Anyway onto the awards and the winners whereas followed.


Consumer’s choice award

Claire Vogtherr of Holly Bacon Company, Hastings


Dry-cured middle bacon

Brydon Heller of Hellers Ltd, Kaiapoi, Canterbury


Middle Eye Bacon

Rugupathy Nadason of Sam’s Butchery Kelston


Streaky Bacon

Chris and Sue Brown Ellesmere Butchery, Leeston. CHCH


Shoulder Bacon

Gibby and Jackie Campbell of Main Street Butchery, Twmuka, Canterbury Plains


Middle Bacon

Caroline Gaisford of goodman Fielder Kiwi Bacon, Auckland

Rob Cameron and Simon Harrison of Cameron Harrison, Tawa Wellingon


NZ Bacon of the Year

Ragupathy Nadason of Sam’s Butchery, Kelston, Auckland


So that’s it out of 139 Entries from 51 butcheries Sam’s Butchery took the big prize,  Sam’s butchery have won 4 previous awards but never  the overall prize. They dedicated the award to their father and owner who has had some big health problems and were obviously happy when accepting the award. ‘We really went all out at this year’s competition, we’ve had success in the past with multiple category gold medals, but to have the best bacon in the country, it’s an honour.”


It’s actually the 1st time in six years the overall winner has NOT been from Canterbury in the competition that was established to celebrate NZ finest cured pork products.

As much help as possible is needed considering over 65% of bacon and ham In NZ is made from imported products the competition represents ONLY NZ pork.


The final note on the competition this year is with Heller’s and Kiwi bacon surprisingly winning awards maybe it is a sign big boys are stepping up and people are recognising good 100% NZ Pork.