Chef Kevin Blakeman Mr July in Westbrook Winery 2013 Calendar


I was lucky enough to be the featured recipe for July in the Westbrook Winery 2013 calendar. Here below is the recipe.



Aged Eye Fillet and 48 Hour Braised Short Rib with thyme Scented Fondant Potatoes, Carrot Puree & Truffled Wild Mushroom Jus, accompanied by West Brook 2010 Waimauku Pinot Noir



Serves 4

Short Ribs:

4 bone Short ribs on the half bone.
Roughly peeled and chopped;
100g Carrots, 100g White Onion, 100g Celery, 50g Garlic with 300ml Pinot Noir and 1 litre Chicken stock.


Carrot Puree:

2 Large Jumbo Carrots peeled and roughly chopped.

1 cup Cream.
2 cups Chicken Stock.


Truffled Wild Mushroom Jus:

200ml Good jus or gravy.
100g Wild mushrooms.
20ml or 25g Truffle oil or preferably paste.


Fondant Potatoes:

50g Thyme
300ml Chicken stock.
100g Butter.
3 Large Potatoes.
Also 4x 120g Eye fillets.


Short Rib:

Quickly brown all the carrots, onions, celery and garlic. Remove from the pan into the bottom of your braising dish. Rub salt and pepper onto the ribs, now completely brown them then add on top of your vegetables.

De-glaze the Pan with red wine and pour this on top of the ribs along with the chicken stock, cover with tin foil and braise for 48 hours at 75-85 degrees.

NB: If you can't spare 48 hours then cook at 200 degrees for 4 hours until the meat is really tender.


Carrot Puree:

In a pot add the carrots, cream, chicken stock and seasoning. Boil. When the carrots are tender bend and pass through a fine sieve, season.


Truffled Wild Mushroom Jus:

In a pot slowly saute your wild mushrooms, when they just begin to wilt add your gravy, then add your truffle paste.


Fondant Potatoes:

Peel your potatoes, cut across the potatoes to approx. 2cm thick, you should have rough circles, even these out a little by running te knife along the edge.

Add the potatoes to a deep tray with the rest of the ingredients; bake covered with tin foil for approx. 25 minutes in a hot oven, check this with a skewer and when the potatoes are tender they are cooked.


For serving:

Cook your steak to your liking in a hot pan with oil ensuring you get a good caramelisation on the outside.
Reheat all the other ingredients.