The Nosh Food Market Anzac Biscuit Competition

So what a day. The first Nosh Anzac biscuit bake off. People instantly assume judging Anzac biscuits would be a brilliant job and generally it’s nice but by the end of eating a part of every Anzac biscuits it is a hard task. I’m not feeling any sympathy!

Anyway Nosh asked me to help judge their competition and it was a great day, there was varying amounts of quality from the crispy burnt to the perfectly crunchy, chewy biscuit you expect. We were judging 3 categories kids, adult and alternative. The alternative was very interesting I had one explode in my hand, I had one give me instant indigestion but again the thought and care each person took was clearly visible.

Highlight for me actually other than flavour was two people had had the wonderful idea of delivering their biscuits in an imitation box identical to what the soldiers would of actually received including one box which had a map of Gallipoli. A. for effort on that one.


The alternative category was closely fought and it was hard to judge due to the variation but the kids and adult category had clear winners. The kids winner probably would have won in the adult category as well I reckon. Incidentally the alternative and kids winners were from the same family!

So the winners were


Adult - Catherine Macgregor

Alternative Biscuit-Stephanie Offwood

Kids Biscuit-Clark and Abby Offwood


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Here are some images from the day.

Me with the winners!

Let the judging begin!


The winners!