Tips on cooking eggs

Now I am not being patronizing by having this page but the question I have been asked the most since becoming a chef is how to cook certain eggs. (Especially poached) All I am aiming to do here is give you quick tips to help you cook eggs in my opinion correctly. Furthermore these are my methods and other people might have different ways, it doesn’t mean their ways are incorrect. (In fact they may think I am incorrect.)



You need water at 98 degrees (just below boiling) with about 50ml of white vinegar to each 500ml of water and a pinch of salt. The salt and vinegar will help strengthen the albumen (egg white) and give the egg that perfect shape.

Other things to point out are if you crack the egg into a ramekin then pour into the water and also ensure the pan is a deep pan then these things will help with the shape also.

The final pointer I can give is don’t vigorously spin the water, in my opinion this only distributes the egg white, instead just a gently stir after the egg has hit the water.



This is fairly simple if you insist on frying eggs you are prepared for the fact it isn’t a healthy option.  With this in mind butter and oil combined I think gives the egg that extra richness. You don’t want the oil really hot, you almost want to poach the egg in the fat, occasionally spoon some of the hot fat onto the top of the egg until the desired degree of cooking is achieved.



There are no “tips” as such for boiling eggs. All I can say is I put my eggs into boiling water from the cupboard not the fridge.

I put a soft egg in for 4.5 minutes and hard eggs for 12 minutes.



There are a million different ways to do scrambled eggs. I will give you my method for a creamy egg. Firstly I use 2 eggs with about 50ml of milk, whisked with salt and pepper until completely combined.

In a fry pan melt butter and just a splash of oil to stop it burning. Do not let the butter colour.

Put the eggs in the pan and you should get a gentle sizzle. At this point don’t be tempted to whisk the hell out of the eggs. Let it settle and again without colour when the bottom layer has set get a spatula and fold the eggs. Repeat when it settles on the bottom again. Keep doing this until you have a scrambled egg which looks separated but not grainy.