Beef Bourguignon On The Bone

It’s hard to reinvent this dish. It’s as classic as the classics get! It’s one of those dishes that take a good few hours to make but the result is well worth it. Use good ingredients, excellent beef, top mushrooms, and if you can baby onions or shallots. The slight difference with my dish is I am using Green Meadows shin on the bone as oppose to a dice braising beef.


Ingredients – Serves 4

500g Shin on the bone

4 Portobello mushrooms

2 Jumbo carrots peeled

8 Shallots

50g Rosemary

200g Streaky Bacon or pancetta

3 cloves of garlic

¾ of a bottle of Red wine

500ml Beef stock

Salt to taste

Pepper to taste

100g Chopped parsley

50g Butter

50ml Cooking oil




Pat dry an excess blood from your shin.

Chop mushrooms into ¼'s

Cut carrots into similar sizes to the mushrooms

Peel shallots, take off root but leave whole

Chop rosemary

Slice streaky bacon or pancetta into lardons

Peel the garlic cloves

Make beef stock if you have the time. Warm it up whether you have made or not.

Chop parsley, you don’t need this immediately so you could do this whilst the meat is cooking.



In a heavy based pan add the oil and butter and make it hot before adding the shin and cooking on all sides until golden brown, remove onto a plate.

Now add shallots and carrots and colour these also before adding bacon, mushrooms and garlic.


After a couple of minutes the bacon and mushrooms should be part cooked, add the beef back in as well as the rosemary.


When the whole mix is hot add all of the red wine and the hot beef stock.


You are now going to continuously cook this for several hours until the sauce self-thickens and the beef falls off the bone.  (If you feel you need a boost to thicken the sauce quicker you can use flour when you cook the meat but it isn’t my preference)


Service suggestions are your favourite potatoes, in the picture I used a jacket potato but you can do a creamy mash of what ever you like. A baguette for the sauce is almost a requirement!