Beef, Leek and Courgette Cannelloni

This is the first in a series of recipes inspired by Green Meadows Beef, I was so impressed with the quality of their produce I couldn’t help myself but do a few recipes. The mince is absolutely beautiful, when it cooks you don’t get all the fat coming through and boiling your mince and it has a very beefy flavour. Here is the recipe:


Ingredients – Serves 6

Cannelloni filling

150ml Cooking oil

500g Green Meadows Premium Beef Mince

1 Onion

2 large carrots

1 Yellow capsicum

2 Courgettes

3 Cloves garlic

½ of a large leek

½ a bottle Red Wine

1 litre Beef stock

25 Cannelloni Tubes


Tomato Sauce

3 Small tins of chopped tomatoes

200ml Chicken or vegetable stock

1 White onion diced


You will also need about 400g Grated cheese of your choice and salt and pepper for the whole dish.




Pre preparation

Finely dice onions, carrots, courgette and garlic.

Slice leek, and capsicums.

Make the beef and chicken stock if you are ambitious.


Cannelloni Filling

1. Heat 2 frying pans, one non-stick and the other cast iron if you have it.

2. Add half of the oil to each pan.

3. In the non-stick pan add the garlic, leeks and courgettes.

4. When really hot add the mince to the cast iron pan and fry, after almost all the mince is browned add the onion, carrots and capsicum.

5. The leeks and courgette mix will sweat quite quickly and then you can just remove this from the heat and set aside.

6. Now when the onions and carrots are also softened add the red wine and allow to reduce by half.

7. Add the beef stock and reduce down until only a small amount of liquid is remaining.

8. Season to your taste.

9. Remove from the heat and mix the two mixtures together then cool in the fridge.


Tomato sauce

1. Meanwhile add all the ingredients and reduce by 2/3’s. This will now be ready and can be used when required.

2. Season to your taste.


Constructing the cannelloni

1. In a deep tray pour a small amount of the tomato sauce just to cover the base of the tray.

2. Fill the cannelloni tubes with the mince mixture and lay in the tray with only a tiny gap between them.

3. When all the tubes are filled and the tray is full cover with tomato sauce.

Cover the dish with grated cheese and bake immediately or save until later and bake at 200°C for up to 40 minutes.