Carpet Bag Steak


This recipe is based on a really old and traditional dish that has a lot of conflicting reports to its time and original inventor. It was adopted by the Australian’s somewhere mid 1900’s but they do not claim to have invented it.

The most likely reason I have found was that steak houses and oyster houses where huge during the late 1800’s and it was probably that these establishments started to cook this dish based on the fashionable hand bag of the time which was called the “carpetbag”.

Anyway this is my take on it, it’s nothing out of the ordinary, I would also say for those who are unsure on oysters, give it ago the taste is sensational.


Ingredients - Serves 4

4 x 180g Eye fillet steak trimmed by your butcher (you can of course change the weight)

8 large juicy oysters

12 strips of good quality smoked streaky bacon

Salt pepper and oil.




  1. 1. Take your steaks and make an incision in the middle until your knife comes out the other side.Please be careful with this part.
  2. 2. You want to use a small knife with a pointed end if it’s too big it could cut the steak in half. Disaster.
    3. Put the oysters into the middle of the steak.
    4. Wrap with the bacon so that 2 pieces are going one way around and covering the holes and one piece is wrapping the other way. As if wrapping a present without the bow.
    5. Personally I serve with creamy, buttery mash potatoes and a really rich jus. Beautiful!