Apple Coleslaw with Chilli Chicken Thighs

This is a real 15-20 minute meal. Very quick to make and the beautiful honeygar from Earthbound Honey softens the cabbage and red onion quickly and leaves a sweet dressing behind.

Ingredients – serves 4


1 Red onion

¼ Savoy cabbage

10 tablespoons Earthbound Organic Honey Red Wine Honeygar (or sweet red wine vinegar)

7 Tablespoons Olive oil

3 Apples

1 Bulb Radish

50g Mint

50g Basil

8 FREE RANGE Chicken Thighs bone out

4 Tablespoons Some Like It How Sweet Chilli Sauce, Medium hot (or other sweet chilli sauce)

8 Tablespoons Canola oil

1 Head Radicchio




As finely as possible Slice the cabbage and red onion. The finer you slice the better result.
In a mixing bowl combine vinegar, olive oil and the slice onion and cabbage.
Slice thin disks of radish and apple, chop the basil and mint then mix them through as well. Set aside in the fridge.
Heat a pan with half of the canola oil and mix the rest of the canola oil with the chilli sauce and coat the chicken thighs.
When the pan is smoking reduce to ¾ heat and add the thighs cooking evenly on both sides to obtain an even caramelisation. They should be cooked like this but if you’re nervous just cut the biggest one in half to check and serve yourself that one!
Finely slice the radicchio leaves and mix through the salad.

Serve with chicken on top of the salad or you could choose to chop and mix the chicken.