Chicken breast with truffled pearl barley

Chicken breast with truffled pearl barley

This is a deliciously creamy dish which is a cool alternative to a risotto, it looks really impressive and a great dish for a dinner party. The barley can be made in advance by only adding two-thirds of the stock and then when serving continuing from this stage.


2 cups Pearl barley

175g Unsalted butter

1 Onion finely diced

1 Large carrot finely diced

3 Garlic cloves finely chopped

125ml white wine

1.5litres of hot chicken stock

100g Mixed wild mushrooms

50ml Cream

20g Parsley

20g Chives

20g Tarragon


4 chicken breasts



  • 1. Firstly the pearl barley. In a pot add the butter, onion, carrot and garlic and fry without colour until translucent and then add the pearl barley.
  • 2. Once all the ingredients are coated and the butter has all been devoured by the barley add white wine and reduce by two thirds. This is the same methods as making risotto.
  • 3. Slowly add the chicken stock in stages adding more each time the stock is dissolved until the pearl barley is beginning to soften.
  • NB You may not need all the stock and the result should be soft barley but with a little bite remaining that doesn’t get stuck in your teeth.
  • 4. Next add the wild mushrooms and allow them to sweat and soften.
  • 5. At this stage add the cream and fold into the barley, when fully incorporated add the herbs and serve.
  • 6. At the same time cook your chicken breast by pan searing. Cooking temperatures will vary dependant on the size of you breast.