Duck breast with porcini and wild mushroom wild rice

Duck breast are one of my favourite ingredients. When cooked well it should be juicy and pink in the middle. It’s a shame they are so expensive but for that special occasion they are the perfect choice.


Ingredients – serves 4

4 duck breast

2 oranges

4 serve porcini and wild mushroom wild rice (Click for recipe)

400g Spinach

100g butter

200g Baby beetroot

200g Golden beetroot

400ml Jus (This should be pre made or bought if you prepare. )

45g Star anise



  • 1. Firstly it is worth noting, you should have you wild rice and jus ready by now if you are attacking this recipe.
  • 2. Heat the jus to boiling point with the star anise then leave at a heat to keep warm but don’t allow it to boil.
  • 3. In advance trim the baby beetroots and boil separately until a knife can cut through with no pressure. If you cook the gold and purple together the gold beetroot could be stained.
  • 4. Segment the oranges removing all pith.
  • 5. For the duck, if required trim the fat so you have a fat which is the same size as the breast and not overhanging.
  • 6. Score the breast 4 times.
  • 7. Season.
  • 8. In a COLD pan place the duck breast skin down over a medium flame.
  • 9. When you have achieved a perfectly golden skin turn the breast, after a couple of minutes place in the oven at 200°C.
  • 10. Meanwhile heat butter in a pot and add the spinach and wilt.
  • 11. Put your thumb and middle finger together tip to tip and press the meaty part of your hand just below your thumb. When the duck breast feels like this its ready.
  • 12. Remove from the oven and “rest” on a plate for 5 minutes.
  • NB “rest” This is a method of allowing the meat to relax and makes your meat very tender. The 5 minutes resting period is when you would heat and plate the rest of the dish.
  • 13. After 5 minutes plate as you deem fit making your plate look as attractive as possible. This is what I do.
  • 14. The rice in the centre first, 5 segments of orange around the plate, the baby beetroot (alternative colours) in between each segment of orange, then the spinach on top of the rice.
  • 15. Finally slice the duck breast and lay this on the spinach and rice and pour the amount of jus on the dish to match your taste.