Producer to Plate Series – Part 2 is a company I came into contact with at the food show and they are similar to the Produce Company except they supply the home. Wouldn’t it be great to have fresh produce delivered to your door that blows away the supermarket and delivers real quality just like a restaurant and what's more is it's FREE DELIVERY!!! Let’s hear what they have to say...

1. Can we get a brief description of your business and what you produce?

We source pack and deliver the best of New Zealand produce to your home door in Auckland as fresh as possible.  Like a convenient farmers market for people that don't always have time in the weekend.  Included are recipes, fun facts and different produce so you can try all the new and exciting veges out there

2. What motivated you or what reasons were behind you starting this business?

Both Pete and I are ex Food industry.  I used to work in product development for larger companies and Pete in Food safety.  We felt a little disheartened with 'convenience foods' for essentially a market driven industry that affects public health.  Basically we didn't feel the food industry is best geared up for delivering quality products to customers and when I say quality I mean food in its simplistic form provided as fresh as possible to the customer.  As a consequence we wanted to get into distribution of fresh produce and hopefully help people eat better in every sense,... healthier (full health overview here,... including nutrients and less fat, less sugar in the total diet), enjoy food once again and for people to start cooking - all this needs to be convenient too!  Also why not support NZ industry along the way and provide the freshest product that way?

3. What inspires you to continue doing what you do?

People.  We really enjoy building a team and watching our service grow and be enjoyed by lots of people.  Our customers are lovely too ;-)

4. In your own kitchen what 5 ingredients can you not do without?

Garam Masala, garlic, onions, olive oil, chillies and salt (whoops that is 6!)

5. What would be your death row meal?

It would depend on my mood!  I eat to how I feel so I guess I would feel sad and would want a comfort food that reminded me of the people I know.  A good old roast

What is a sin using your products?

Can't think of one.  We are heaven only ;-)

7. What is your favourite season and why?

Tough.  Probably summer for Mediterranean food, berries and stone fruit.  I also love how plentiful everything is and available.  Also they are all quick meals to prepare so there is no excuse for takeaways even after a 12-14 hour day.

8.       What’s your top fruit and vegetable?

Brussel sprouts, apricots, blueberries, tamarillos, potatoes (all types), oranges, spinach honestly I love them all! (equally)  I think variety for me is the key otherwise I get bored of one

9.       Do you like to eat Watties frozen veggies!

No Haven't felt the need to buy a packet in over 10 years!

10.     Could you survive as a vegetarian? (if you’re not already)


Yes,... I love curries


If you would like to find out more about getting your fresh produce delivered to your door then visit for more details.