i love PIES

The next in the series of producer to plate is the wonderful award winning people at I love PIES, I caught up with Jessie and Maree to see what makes their company click and what helped them become the award winning pies they are after taking out the NZ Herald People’s choice award.

1. Can I have a brief description of your business and what you produce? The lovely little food co. is a gourmet producer of food products, our main product range is I LOVE PIES a range of gourmet handmade pies, made with sour cream pastry and all real ingredients, such as fresh herbs and vegetables and free range meat.

Sounds great!

2. What motivated you or what reasons were behind you starting this business? We wanted to create a business that we could be proud of and to create food that we wanted to give our own families, plus we were really disappointed with the quality of the pies that were out there and we thought we could do better!

Glad to hear and actually there are a lot of bad pies out there.

3. What inspires you to continue producing? We love working with the quality of ingredients available in NZ and we are inspired every day from the positive feedback that we get back from our customers.


4. What is the best way to eat your product? With family and friends, best served piping hot with our Tomato Sauce I LOVE SAUCE on the side and a nice cold beer!

Always tomato sauce with everything for me!


5. In your own kitchen what 5 ingredients can you not do without? We could only narrow it down to 7 but we think that is ok as we are both writing this!  Onions, Garlic, Butter, Good Quality Olive Oil, Lemons, Parmesan Cheese, Good Quality Salt


6. What would be your death row meal?

Jessie: Al Brown’s Pork Hock and my Mum’s Feijoa Crumble

Maree: My friend Stephen’s Crayfish Ravioli and Little & Friday’s Lemon and Coconut Cake

Crayfish Ravioli delicious!


7. Did you watch the “what’s really in our food pie edition” What’s your thoughts? We thought it was great, as it reconfirmed to us why we started making our pies in the first place, you won’t find any nasties in our pies and the back of pack doesn’t look like a NASA space experiment. (due to the ingredients)


8. Do you think the quality of ingredients override cost and ultimately a better product is better than a cheap one? Yes definitely and our product is case in point, we could easily use margarine in our pastry and we could then offer a cheaper product/make more than we currently do, but instead we opted for real butter as it delivers a superior product which ultimately tastes so good.


9. I saw your photo after you won your recent award, how on Earth do you run a pie company and not weigh 600kgs! From the stress of running your own business and having two toddlers each, also great camera angles help!


10. How did it feel to win the award? Amazing, we think it is the ultimate as it was judged by our consumers and at the end of the day they count the most.


11. Do Big Ben’s pies inspire you?! Yes they do…. to do better! Ha ha ha

12. Finally and most importantly who actually did eat all the pies? Maree thinks Jessie did, Jessie thinks Maree did but we really think our husbands did!

To find out more about I love PIES including where you can collect your delicious pies near you visit www.ilovepies.com! Mmmmmmm I feel like a pie now!