Lewis Road Creamery

Lewis Road Creamery makes exceptional butter. It’s very simple; the reason why it’s so exceptional is an attitude to want to make the best butter they can do. They set out to use the amazing dairy we have and transform it to an exceptional product.

1. Can we get a brief description of your business and what you produce?

Lewis Road Creamery is dedicated to producing dairy products the way they should naturally be. We produce small runs of batch churned Artisan butter and our Premium butters, available nationwide. We plan to produce further dairy products in the near future.


After using the butters I look forward to those products.

2. What motivated you or what reasons were behind you starting this business?

New Zealand is the world's leading dairy exporter and the quality of our pastures and cows and the expertise of our farmers are second to none. But our end products are usually less than they could be because the industry focus is on quantity rather than quality. We think it should be the other way round.


I agree…..


3. What inspires you to continue doing what you do?

The success we've had to date and the overwhelming support of the trade, press and customers tells us that we are on the right track.


Which is certainly correct, the buzz in the industry is massive towards you guys and I think the attitude towards creating a quality product as well as skill has made this happen.


4. In your own kitchen what 5 ingredients can you not do without?

Butter, cream, eggs, really good salt and pepper and a great cut of meat.


5. What would be your death row meal?

Steak frites and béarnaise!


Ahhh I think I am very similar with that taste. A béarnaise made with your butter is a must!


6. You guys are quite innovative foodies, what’s next?

Less innovation and more doing the basics really, really well.


7. What was involved in the process of getting to the perfect butter?

Perseverance. Butter making has become pretty much a lost art in New Zealand so we had to teach ourselves. As we've gone along though, it's amazing how helpful people have been as we have pieced together the process. And for something so seemingly simple, with so few ingredients, the process is complex and delicate.


I can imagine but I think now all the effort is coming to fruition.


8. How do you most enjoy eating your butter?

As always, on a fresh baguette!


9. Does it have any extra baking qualities?

Our unsalted Premium butter is perfect for baking. It imparts a subtlety that's missing from standard butters and its low water content makes it great for sautéing etc.


10. So finally I assume you never use a mass produced butter anymore?

Nothing but Lewis Road Creamery ~ a better butter!


If you would like to learn more about Lewis Road Creamery and where you can find their products visit their website at
http://www.lewisroadcreamery.co.nz/ or their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lewisroadcreamery