The Lucky Taco

  1. 1. Can we get a brief description of your business and what you produce?


The Lucky Taco is a Mexican Street Food Truck, all about sharing deliciously tasty tacos, with New Zealanders ready for the real deal.

And after tasting, may I say you do a great job, in a way I am glad I live in Silverdale otherwise I’d be looking like a taco.


  1. 2. What motivated you or what reasons were behind you starting this business?

No one else was doing it. We’re good at it. There was a need. We created the desire.


Simple really and why not?


  1. 3. What inspires you to continue doing what you do?

When people come back to the truck to tell us ‘it was amazing’. Regular customers who have supported us from Day 1. You feel a certain obligation to open and be there for the people that love the product you’re selling.

And it is nice to have that loyal support, in an environment that has constant fad-laden competition I bet a genuine food hero like The Lucky Taco will be here a long time after sliders and cronuts for example.


  1. 4. In your own kitchen what 5 ingredients can you not do without?


The Lucky Taco hot sauce, Red Cayenne Chilli, Fresh Lime, Coriander, Salt.


I wouldn’t of expected anything else than that, a sneaky tequila essential pantry item as well I would imagine.


  1. 5. What would be your death row meal?


Tacos, Lucky Horchata & a bottle of Mezcal Reposado.


  1. 6. If Tacos didn’t exist where would you be?


Mamma Frizzell’s Rib-Shack.

Oh ribs that sounds delicious as well!

  1. 7. You are obviously passionate about what you are doing please tell me about the journey to where you are now?

Long. Hard. Exhilarating. Frustrating. Hilarious. Mind-bending. Stressful. Liberating. Challenging. Life-changing. If you have a niggling idea, and you believe in it, even against all the odds. Action it. Don’t say ‘What if’ 5 years later. That would be horrible, wouldn’t it?

I am currently in the same situation, I wanted to start running cooking classes and start some private fine dining and rather than wait around I took the time I had recovering from a broken leg to set this up. I will be happier trying and failing than not even trying!


  1. 8. Disregarding your own as they are obviously the best, where and when did you eat your greatest taco?


Gus Tacos in Condesa, Mexico City. We stopped and tried ‘tripa’ (tripe tacos). A.Mazing. Crispy, tasty, spicy and cooked right before our eyes.


A taco in Mexico is one of those things on my bucket list along with things like Chinese food in China!

  1. 9. What is next for you, any plans to expand maybe even create another food truck of a different kind?


See Question 6.


Woah keep me posted please if you open a rib shack I will be all over it!


  1. 10. Why do you think the Food Truck craze is catching the imagination of the Auckland public?


It’s spontaneous, fun, liberating, affordable and less stuffy than sitting down at a restaurant. If you can create restaurant quality food from the side of a truck, you’re onto a winner.


I think you have struck at the right time soon there will be to many and again only the best will survive.

  1. 11. Tell us about Machitos and would you ever give it a crack here?


Ha. Machitos (Sheep’s scrotum tacos). We were fortunate enough to hook up with some locals who took us to some trendy back-alley spots in MC. We eat anything, so were happy for them to order (speaking the native tongue made it much easier). They told us what we were eating (after we’d eagerly chomped into it). A delicacy they said! They were delicious.  And yes. We would.


Don’t know how many Aucklanders would dare to try but I would be up for it.


  1. 12. Where can you usually be found?


230 Ponsonby Road. In the car park of our friend’s business, Flying Fish. Best to always make sure by following us on twitter: or Facebook: or check our website for the scheulde:

  1. 13. Finally to the scouser in the team, Red or Blue?

The one question you ask that I know nothing about.  Neither. I hate (it).




For those that have no ideas what I was asking here, it was football not taco related, I just couldn’t resist being a fellow scouser.

Thank you for your time today, you guys do a tremendous job and are genuine food heroes in this city, keep tacoing and I look forward to your next move in the food world.