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The Bakels Supreme Pie Awards are coming around again and in fact the closing date for entries is this Thursday! I interviewed multiple awards winners Shane and Kathy Kearns from Viands Bakery to learn why their pies are just so dam good!


Can we get a brief description of your business and what you produce?

1.       WE are a Bakery Retailing. Handcrafted baking products everything from, of course, our Supreme Award winning Pies to Artisan Breads, Gateaux, filled rolls, slices, doughnuts the list goes on..... All baked in our traditional kiwi style.

What motivated you or what reasons were behind you starting this business?

2.       Baking’s been in our family for 4 generations so it’s in the Blood!! Just had to carry on traditionJ


Maybe that’s the secret generations of training and of course eating!


What inspires you to continue doing what you do?

3.       “The Bank Manager”J ha-ha!! Our wonderful hard working team and of course our loyal customers that always give us fantastic feedback! We also love the vast variety of products that can be produced in the industry. WE are forever learning and experimenting.


I think the same goes for me, if I stopped learning in a kitchen I wouldn’t keep doing what I am doing.


For the readers who are unaware tell us about the awards you won last year?

4.       NZ Bakels Pie awards is an annual event with 11 categories, we entered all expect the commercial pie category. Categories range from the “Good Ole” Mince Pie to of course the gourmet fruit pie. The Viands team with a lot of passion and hard work have successfully won the NZ Bakels Supreme Pie title 2 years running 2011/2012.


I think it is incredible not only to win the supreme award once but to follow it up with another win a year later. It really is in the blood.

What did the awards do for the business?

5.       WOW the impact was instant and overwhelming; the team went from an 8 hour day to a 12 to 14 hour day! For us it was nice 20 hour days for quite some time. Our turnover shot through the roof and still remains well above previous year’s turnover.


So despite all the hours it was very positive and that bank manager you mentioned must have been very happy!

Are you entering again? Can I ask what you are doing or is it a secret?

6.       Yes definitely!! Without a doubt we just love the buzz and excitement of trying to create the Best Pie!!  Sorry our lips are sealed!! We will all have to patiently wait and see what the outcome will be J


Please follow up and let us know how you go, although you will probably end up on Campbell Live or similar if you win AGAIN!


What is the key to perfect baking?

7.       There’s no such thing as Perfect! But I think commitment and consistency is the key to making a great product.


That was such a professional’s answer!

Can you get your products delivered all over or is it just locally?

8.       We have 2 retail outlets, Kihikihi and Te Awamutu and we can overnight courier anywhere in New Zealand via our website or email.


Great if you can’t wait any longer and want to order all the details are at the bottom of the article.


In your own kitchen what 5 ingredients can you not do without?

9.       Flour, water, sugar, butter and a BakerJ


What would be your death row meal?

10.   Viands Mince & Cheese, of course!! J



Is it important to use as much product from NZ as possible?

11.   Yes definitely important to use NZ made where possible. WE try to source as much local produce as possible.


That’s great to hear and is another reason behind your success I think.

What is your favourite flavour/ what do you eat on a regular day?

12.   Mince & Cheese or Steak & Cheese


Very Kiwi indeed!


Does Big Ben inspire you?

13.   Yes to never lose our handcrafted touch! J

Thanks for your time it was great to see an insight into awards winners like yourselves and good luck with this year’s competition, expect and order soon especially if you win!



If you would like to order some of their delicious products then you can even if you don’t live locally. Just get in touch through their website at


Viands Bakery

Award Winning 2011/2012

80 Lyon Street


Ph: (07) 871-7488



Finally for more information about the Bakels New Zealand Supreme Pie Awards you can find them here