Lamb Rump with Market Mushroom and Rosemary Polenta



4 Lamb rumps scored and ready to roast

200g Market mushrooms

300g Instant polenta

1200ml Chicken stock

300g Cheese

200ml Milk

50ml Rosemary oil

Salt and pepper



  1. 1. In a hot frying pan with oil put in your lamb rumps skin down.
  2. 2. Sear all the way until the whole of the lamb is caramelised and put into a hot oven until it has reached the desired cooking temperature.
  3. 3. (You can choose to do this next part ahead of time) In the meantime in a separate pan sauté the market mushrooms then set aside.
  4. 4.At the same time bring a pot of chicken stock to the boil and rain in the polenta whilst constantly whisking do this a little at a time but in a constant flow to avoid the polenta becoming lumpy.
  5. 5. Continue cooking until the polenta has stiffened then add cheese and melt.
  6. 6. Then add the desired amount of milk to create the consistency you like.
  7. 7. Add mushrooms and a glug of good quality rosemary oil.
  8. 8. Your lamb should be ready now so allow it to rest and then carve and serve on top of the polenta perhaps with some wilted spinach.