Beetroot and dill Pesto

In the past I ran my own market stall making pesto (8 varieties) from beetroot to the basic basil. Unfortunately due to ever increasing fees and laws, combined with lack of time I decided to finish up. I was doing this before there where so many varieties on the supermarket shelves, I loved it and so did my customers, so much so that I got offered to bottle the product by a company but turned it down. Anyway here is the recipe for the beetroot and dill pesto.



100g Beetroot

60g Pinenuts

100g Dill

50g Goat’s cheese

425ml Olive or other vegetable oil




This is not traditional pesto in the sense that it HAS to be done in a food processor and not in a pestle and mortar.


Firstly roast the beetroot skins on, in salt, pepper and a small amount of oil. When you can skewer the beetroot it is ready. (Similar to the potato test.) Next peel the beetroot (you might want to wear some sort of protection on your hands so they do not get stained.) and cut into appropriate sized pieces to fit into your food processor.


Next add the dill and pinenuts and pulse.


Next is the goat’s cheese.


Finally slowly add the oil whilst the processor is on.


This is a vibrant looking and tasting dish that is great on ciabatta. Alternatively serve with some baked goats cheese. Try it as a variation to the goat’s cheese whip on the goat’s cheese soufflé recipe.



There are also recipes for basil pesto, lemon and saffron pesto, sunblushed tomato pesto (taste like bolognaise), capsicum pesto and pea and mint pesto.