Caesar Dressing

Don’t be scared of the anchovies in this recipe, they are a flavouring more than fish, I promise you will not taste anchovies when you are done but the flavour of the sauce will blow your mind, without the anchovies it’s… well…ok!


Ingredients – makes approx. 500ml


500ml Canola oil (or other variety, I find olive oil too rich for this recipe.)

4 large Egg yolks

3 tablespoons Wholegrain mustard

Splash of warm water

Splash of Worcestershire sauce

50ml White wine vinegar

2 Garlic cloves

50g Parmesan cheese

500ml Canola oil (or other variety, I find olive oil too rich for this recipe.)

50g Anchovies (I recommend the white anchovies more expensive but well worth it even if you an anchovy hater I think you’ll like them)




You can use a whisk the good old fashioned way but you will get a wonderful creamy and combined Caesar dressing if you use a food processor. If you are whisking though make sure all the non-liquid ingredients are well chopped.


  1. 1.Put the egg yolks, mustard, warm water, Worcestershire sauce and vinegar in the food processor and blend until well combined. (Emulsified)
  2. 2.Add the garlic and parmesan and blend until incorporated again.
  3. 3.Whilst the blender is running slowly add the oil, if you go to fast the sauce will split or spoil.
  4. 4.When the oil is all incorporated you should have a thick and creamy sauce. Now blend in the anchovies, season, and you are done.
  5. 5.The reason we do anchovies last is the oil they are in could split the sauce if added at the beginning.