Capsicum Pesto

In the past I ran my own market stall making pesto (8 varieties) from beetroot to the basic basil. Unfortunately due to ever increasing fees and laws, combined with lack of time I decided to finish up. I was doing this before there where so many varieties on the supermarket shelves, I loved it and so did my customers, so much so that I got offered to bottle the product by a company but turned it down. Anyway here is the recipe for the capsicum pesto.




100g Red, yellow or green capsicum

65g Pine nuts

2.5 Garlic cloves

425ml Oil

55g Parmesan

Salt and pepper to taste



So you will need a food processor for this or you can use the pestle and mortar method. This is a similar base recipe as the basil pesto except no basil but capsicum. The colour capsicum you use is based on the desired colour you need. For a cool touch on your dinner party you could make all three the colours will blow your guests minds.


  1. 1.Firstly oil and salt the capsicums and place into a hot oven until the skins are totally black and blistered.
  1. 2.Put them in a bowl and cover with glad wrap and leave to cool only until you can touch them. (This will help with the peeling, the colder they are the harder to peel.)
  1. 3.Peel all the skin with your hands and make sure all the black has gone as this is very bitter.
  1. 4.In the food processor blend then pine nuts, garlic and parmesan into a chunky paste.
  1. 5.Add all the capsicum flesh and blend, slowly adding the oil. Adjust the seasoning.



There are also recipes for beetroot and dill pesto, lemon and saffron pesto, sunblushed tomato pesto (taste like bolognaise), pea and mint pesto and basil pesto.