Everyone loves hummus, wants more is I love hummus when it’s just made and it’s still warm I could eat it by the spoon full! This recipe is for a lot of hummus so you may want to cut it down depending on how much you need.



2kg Chick peas

250g White sesame seeds

20g Cumin seeds

5 Whole lemons

50g Peeled garlic

100g Rosemary

100g Thyme

100g Paprika

50ml Olive oil

50g Chilli powder



  • 1. Firstly soak the chick peas overnight.
  • 2. The next day drain the chick peas, rinse them and start to boil them until they become soft.
  • 3. Toast the sesame seeds with the cumin seeds until they become golden brown.
  • 4. In a food processor add juice and zest of the lemons along with all the other ingredients taking care to chop the fresh rosemary before it goes into the blender.
  • 5. Blend the ingredients until the rosemary and thyme is completely chopped.
  • 6. When the chick peas are cooked immediately add them and blend until you have a smooth paste.
  • 7. Season then taste and if you’re like me taste again!
  • 8. Use as required.