Fondant potatoes

Fondant potatoes are one of those things you see on restaurant menus but never attempt at home yet they are incredibly easy and incredibly delicious!



1kg Large agria potatoes

250g butter

500ml chicken stock

Salt and pepper



The first thing to do is peel the potatoes and cut them to the shape you like. You can do barrels, squares, whatever you feel like. I cut them to 1 inch thick cylinders.

When they are cut lay them into a tray deep enough to comfortably take all the liquid.

Cover the potatoes in the chicken stock completely.

Cut the butter into rough pieces and dot it around the tray. Season.

Cover with tin foil then put it into an oven at 200°C.

Cooking times vary depending on your shape and size. Put when the knife can just pierce the potato with very little pressure they are ready.

You can serve immediately or set aside for later.

When serving

Cook them in butter on both sides in a frying pan until they are golden and beginning to crisp.