Ham, Corn and Basil Croquettes



Croquettes are little potato delights covered in breadcrumbs and they are delicious. The best thing about them I believe is they are so versatile, the possibilities are endless. The recipe I am sharing is just an example. You can replace ham with Parma ham for a richer flavour, you can add whatever cheese you like, you can remove the ham and make them vegetarian or do basically any flavour combination you like.


Ingredients – Makes approximately 15-20 croquettes at 50g each

250g Mashed potatoes (no butter or cream)

100g Cheddar cheese, grated

150g Corn kernals

150g Ham, diced

100g Basil, chopped

10g Smoked paprika

Approx 500g breadcrumbs (but you may not need all of them, better safe than sorry)

Flour for coating

3 Eggs cracked and mixed

Oil for frying



  1. 1. Firstly you should of finely mashed potatoes by now with no lumps
  2. 2. Mix the corn, ham, cheese, basil, paprika, mash and seasoning together until thoroughly mixed.
  3. 3. Once the ingredients are mixed, mould them into chipolata shapes which are 3-4 cm in width.
  4. 4. Now time for bread crumbing. If you have a big enough tray you can do them all together in stages otherwise do them individually trying your best to keep the dry ingredients dry and the wet separate.
  5. 5. Put the croquettes in flour, shake, then into the egg, shake, and then totally cover in breadcrumb. Repeat the egg and breadcrumb stage again. This is called a double breadcrumb and it ensures they remain intact during frying.
  6. 6. Set aside in fridge until you are ready to fry.
  7. Heat oil and cook 5 at a time until the croquettes are a dark and a golden colour. 7. Eat one to taste and see if you need to add more salt and pepper.
  8. Serve with a dip of your choice.