Cheese and onion pasty

Great in the winter, great for any lunch. Actually just great at anytime!


Ingredients – makes 2 large ones

4 Gourmet potatoes

1 Onion

50g Butter

50g Flour

400ml Milk (warmed)

100g Cheese, just regular block like Tasty, grated

50g Cheese, more of a fine cheese, like a good aged cheddar, grated

1 tsp. Mustard

Pre made puff pastry sheets

1 Egg

Salt and pepper to taste





  1. 1. Dice your onions and potatoes; you can decide how chunky you want it.
  2. 2. Sauté them in the butter until they are beginning to become tender, try not to colour.


  1. 3. Add flour and mix through thoroughly then add the warmed milk.
  2. 4. When it begins to thicken add all the cheese which has been grated and also the mustard.
  3. 5. When the cheese is fully melted cool the mixture as it needs to be a chilled temperature to work with the pastry.
  4. 6. For the pastry cut out 4 rectangles to approximately 12cmx8cm.
  5. 7. Mix the egg with a fork and brush the egg on to 2 sheets of pastry on one side.
  6. 8. Put the mixture onto the egg washed sheets and lay the second sheet on top. Egg wash the top and seal by pushing down the edges.

  1. 9. Bake at 180°C until the pastry is cooked and golden brown.