Crumbed Mushrooms

This recipe is dedicated to a few of my wife’s friends, they tend to look for crumbed mushrooms on menus before going out and I made them for my baby’s first birthday and they went down a treat so after a few people asking for the recipe here it is. Simple but delicious.



20 Button mushrooms with the stalks removed

100g Flour

3 Eggs

150ml Milk

300g Breadcrumbs (Use palm oil free bread, put it into a food processor and blend to make your breadcrumbs)

Oil for frying

Salt and Pepper to taste.



  • 1. Heat your fryer or oil to 175°C.
  • 2. Clean your mushrooms by rubbing with a damp cloth
  • 3. Lay out three trays, one with seasoned flour, one with whisked egg and milk and the other with the breadcrumbs.
  • 4. Dust into seasoned flour as you lift them shake off excess and put into the milk and egg mixture and make sure it is completely coated.
  • 5. Now put into the breadcrumbs and again make sure it is completely coated.
  • 6. Drop them into the fryer until golden brown lift them out and allow them to drip off excess fat before putting on to a paper towel to remove more fat. Season.
  • 7. Allow them to cool slightly then serve with a dip or eat straight away!


NB It would be nice to add a little flavour with some freshly chopped tarragon if you can get it.