My Caesar Salad

It’s traditional and common these days but I love a Caesar salad, it can be ruined though, there are so many bad Caesar salads out there. Covered in unflavoured mayonnaise, chopped up and bruised lettuce, incorrectly cooked eggs and many more ungodly varieties! So here is my version.


Ingredients - serves 4 as main or 6-8 as a side

2 heads Baby gem lettuce

1 head Cos lettuce

100g Streaky bacon lardons (a lardon is bacon sliced into small rectangles, pancetta would be the ideal ingredient but streaky bacon but is an inexpensive alternative.)

4 Poached eggs

250ml Caesar dressing

16 Anchovies

100g Parmesan cheese




  1. 1.Wash both varieties of lettuce, with the baby gem pull the leaves whole from the bulb and with the cos tear the leaves. Put all of these into the largest mixing bowl you have.
  2. 2. Meanwhile heat a pot of water to poaching point for the egg. (Just below boiling, little bubbles should start rising to the top of the water.)
  3. 3.Fry the bacon, (you could do this ahead of time) and make it as crispy as desired
  4. 4.Put the egg into the water and poach as soft. (See tips on cooking eggs.)
  5. 5.Put the bacon and Caesar dressing into the bowl with the cos and mix, try to do this by tossing the bowl and not touching the leaves.
  6. 6.When it is well combined put into your serving bowls.
  7. 7.Next arrange the anchovies on the leaves add the drained and seasoned egg and then sprinkle the parmesan on top to finish.