Ostrich burgers

I use this recipe with beef and venison burgers as well. Pictured for this recipe is ostrich burgers. I used to work in a restaurant in Kumeu near the Tajo ostrich site and we used to get the fresh mince delivered. It was a wonderful convenience!


Ingredients - For 1 patty

180g Ostrich mince

20g White onions, diced as finely as possible

20g Red capsicums, diced as finely as possible

20g Mustard

10g Horseradish

5g Peeled garlic, pureed or diced very finely. DO NOT USE LAZY GARLIC!

1 Whole egg

1 Burger bun

Salad of your choice and maybe chutney like a beetroot or whatever you enjoy the most even if it’s just ketchup!



  1. 1. To prepare the patty mix the ostrich mince with the onions, capsicum, mustard, horseradish, garlic and 1 egg.
  2. 2. Really pound the meat so that it combines properly. This will ensure the patty does not fall apart during cooking.

  3. 3. Have your grill/BBQ/Pan on a medium heat and colour on both sides until a nice caramelisation has been achieved on both sides. Place into a hot oven for approximately 5-8 minutes dependent on your oven and size of your patty.