Wedding Catering

Congratulations, if you are looking at this page the likelihood is you are starting to research for your big day. (Or maybe someone else’s if you are lucky enough to be entrusted with this task).

Wedding catering can be overwhelming, there are so many options and styles. Formal plated, buffet, fork and walk, live cooking stations and the list goes on. Then when you have decided on the style, the options open up even further. If I choose plated how many options should we give? Should we do a dessert buffet? etc.

Well for now forget about all the options. Give me a call on 021 0249 8656 or email and we will book an appointment to go through all the possibilities. Let me buy you a coffee, even in your break in the city during the week, I can work around you. Continue scrolling through to get a feel for what options you might be looking for.

If you want to start to get a feel for some of the options keep reading on for some examples. However, all my menus whether private dinners or catering for weddings are bespoke so there is nothing we can’t do. 

"Kevin helped make our wedding a success. We meet with Kevin a couple of days prior to the wedding and went over our menu and needs. Kevin was able to also arrange an additional three staff to work the floor and help with all our requirements. Kevin prepared and presented all the food which looked like it had come from a five-star restaurant. Not only did Kevin control the kitchen, but he also became our unofficial wedding coordinator for the big day and his attention to all details was excellent. He solved problems that we did not even know existed. We couldn't recommend Kevin more highly. He is fantastic! Thank you so much for making sure our special day ran perfectly.

Mary | auckland

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So what are some of the Options?


From simple to lavish anything is possible with buffets, again you can finish with the “lolly shop” concept for dessert.


We have a massive range of canapes from traditional finger food to the very trendy fork and walk for something a little more substantial.

Fork and walk can be a great alternative to an entrée, they can even act as a whole meal in a casual setting if done correctly.

Live Catering Stations

For casual or formal a guaranteed way to impress is live chef stations.

A chef will man each of your chosen stations whether it is tacos, wok, pasta, dessert or whatever we can imagine.

Seated Dinner

This is the one full of options.
3 courses is the tradition but you can extend this and have a feast and do more than 3 courses.

Alternatively, you can swap out the entrée or dessert for platters on the tables. Another great way of finishing the meal with a dessert buffet which could include things like a “lolly shop” or a chocolate fountain.

All of these menus will be personally designed with you.

What can we provide?

Obviously, we bring the food but often we are asked if the client needs to organise other things. Not only can we bring everything from plates and serve ware I am also happy to work with my suppliers to help you with table decorations, room decorations or whatever else you may need.
  • ALL EQUIPMENT IS HIRED TO YOU AT COST, we do not charge extra for hiring anything for you.
  • The basic agreed price for your catering includes:
    • cutlery
    • crockery
    • and staff to serve the food.
  • If you decide you would like me to arrange beverages, then glasses are included with this as well.
  • After our discussion I will send a fully itemised quote for you to agree.
Take a moment to read this article from She Said Yes to help you get to grips with what you should consider for your wedding catering. In addition, I have plenty of contacts in Floristry, venues and much more so can potentially help beyond just the catering.